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Getting To Gatwick The Easy Way

Getting To Gatwick The Easy Way

When you live in Kent, travelling abroad usually means that you start with a trip to the airport (unless you are just going down to Dover and across the channel). It doesn’t really matter which airport you are starting from, you still have to get there, and most people choose to go by car, whether it is their own or a taxi.

Once upon a time, getting through an airport was fairly straightforward, but these days it can be very problematic. Just to begin with, if you decide to drive in your own car, you are going to have to park it somewhere for a fortnight or whatever, and that can not only be expensive, but there can also be issues with the actual parking companies that provide the space. Some of them are very good, but we have all read stories about owner’s cars being used for all sorts of things while they are away.

Then you have to get from the parking lot to the airport, and some do have a shuttle service of course. However, in other instances you may have to use public transport and hump all your luggage around with you. Bad enough on a nice sunny June day, but if it’s December and it is snowing, that is no fun at all.

A Luxury Limo

How much easier it is to be delivered to the door, luggage and all, by a chauffeur-driven luxury limo! This is what we provide at Executive Plus, and if you need a taxi from Sevenoaks to Gatwick airport, for instance, it’s the way that those in the know choose to go.

Sit back in the luxury of the leather seats in one of our Mercedes E Class and let our chauffeur deal with all the hassles of the roads. Enjoy the comfort of our climate-controlled environment. Connect with friends, family, business, or anyone else, using our state-of-the-art WiFi. We provide more than a ride.

We’ll drop you off at exactly where you need to be, and our chauffeur will take care of your luggage for you.

Of course, there is also the return journey, which is very much the same trip in reverse. You can book it in advance if you know when you are returning or contact us from overseas if not. Our team will monitor your flight, in order to deal with any delays.

So, when you need a taxi from Sevenoaks to Gatwick airport, now you know how to do it the easy way.

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